Cognitive Support Services 

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Embrace Cognitive Automation with an Outcome-based Model

  1. Zero upfront investment
  2. AI-based Contextual Intelligence
  3. Outcome-based Model 
  4. Modular Solution Stack - Conversational Bot, Information Bot and Integration Bot

Outcome-based automation model built on gain share approach

CSS Corp with over 2 decades of experience providing support services is excited to launch one of our strongest differentiators with Cognitive Support Services, that transforms a “traditional customer support” model to a “cognitive customer experience” for our clients. The solution utilizes our homegrown and award-winning platform, Cognitive CX Platform to deploy cognitive BOTs that help resolve customer interactions and create a better customer experience. It has been ranked 7th among the Top 10 Cognitive Assistant Platform by HfS Research, a testament to our innovation capabilities in offering cognitive solutions to our clients.

Key Customer Benefits:

  1. Drives Automation Benefits of Up to 50%
  2. Enhanced CX Improvement by 10-12%
  3. Promotes Agent Productivity by 40%
  4. Improves Process Optimization by 30%

 CSS Corp's Cognitive Services

3-pronged Strategy:

Adopts “Eliminate”, “Deflect” and “Automate” approach to simplify customer support interactions through cost-effective and effortless channels  

Context Driven: 

Cognitive technologies and contextual intelligence coded into customer interactions. Our systems detect related entities across large data sets (real-time and historical) to provide the fastest resolution.

Outcome based Pricing: 

Customers are charged only for transactions that our solution resolves. So, without any upfront investment, they can start realizing cost savings from automation from Day 1 of implementation

Risk Free & Easy Deployment: 

CSS Corp provides total ownership of automation of service delivery with shared business outcomes

What makes Cognitive Support Services different? 

Modular Delivery: 

Choosing the stack and services is highly modular enabling tailored solutions per requirements

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